We make time-consuming spaces easy

Let our team of design experts do the heavy lifting for those hard-to-get-to spaces, leaving the approval to you.

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How it works

How it works

From creating custom packages to handling delivery and installation, we’ll simplify your project by compiling selections for artwork, office furniture, signage, window treatments.

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Align on Direction

Provide us with a few project specifics, like the color palette or design direction, marked floor plans, and project timeline.

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Scope the Project

We’ll get to work creating a specification package for you to review and approve.

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Review the Specifics

Once approved, we’ll provide you with documentation, including product placement plans, fully priced legends and schedules when applicable.

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Order, Deliver & Install

When the products and pricing are confirmed, we’ll order, procure, deliver and install the products at the community, ensuring they are properly secured for healthcare.

What you get


  • Image bank
  • Client-facing presentation
  • Floor plans with product location IDs
  • Product legend, including quote


  • 2D renderings and space plans
  • Product legend, including quote


  • Floor plans with product location IDs
  • Schedule
  • Product legend, including quote

Window Treatments

  • Measurements handled in the field by Designer Link
  • Product legend, including quote

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