Prioritizing Our Seniors and Our Employees

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Our Focus

For 30 years, Direct Supply® has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of our nation’s seniors.

This commitment to our seniors drives every decision we make. It’s led us to become the leading supplier of equipment, services and eCommerce solutions to the Senior Living profession.

We’ve built a successful company from the ground up, and the future is bright. We are perfectly positioned as the industry leader in this growing market segment. According to US Census Bureau data, America’s population of seniors is set to DOUBLE by 2060.

Our Principles

Every day at Direct Supply, our founding Principles are alive and well. We hold our business decisions up against the Principles, making sure they meet the standards we set for ourselves. Our Principles help keep our entire team focused and working toward the same goals.


Treat employees as Partners.

We treat one another as Partners – because that’s what we are. Our culture of ownership means we operate a little differently, because we’re both the employees and the owners. Partnership is truly the founding spirit of Direct Supply.


Provide outrageous customer service.

Many companies pride themselves on their customer service. At Direct Supply, it’s so important that ours is outrageous. Every time we interact with a customer, they should be amazed at our commitment to their satisfaction. It’s simply how we do business.


Commit to quality, excellence and integrity.

“Good enough” is never enough at Direct Supply. Our nation’s seniors depend on us to produce outstanding work to help them lead better lives. Our work always represents our best efforts, and we constantly strive for success, building upon our history to grow our company, and ourselves, even further.


Promote high company growth and an environment that rewards innovation and progress.

Principle #4 insists that we do better at every turn. A true meritocracy, Partners are rewarded for their success. We set challenging goals, and we’re held accountable for reaching them. At Direct Supply, growth and innovation are critical to our success, and we make them a priority.


Be the industry leader in return on investment.

Successful businesses deliver high ROI to their shareholders. And since we are our own shareholders, that ROI comes right back to us. Our profit sharing program ensures that every Partner who contributes to our success shares in it.

We are a high-performance company that hires highly motivated, success-oriented individuals. We’re looking for professionals with what we call the “BCDE’s”…



We hire the best and brightest individuals in their professional fields. Our seniors deserve the best, and that’s why we hire the smartest people we can find.



Our integrity as a business rests upon the character of each individual Partner. We strive to be good people who do the right things, no matter what.



Our work always represents our best effort, and we commit tremendous personal energy to our jobs, each and every day.



We hire knowledgeable, experienced professionals who bring outside learning and perspective to our business to help us succeed.

Joe Daniels

“I know my work gives back to our seniors. It’s so rewarding.”

Joe Daniels
Director, Business Development