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Cut costs, increase efficiency and control non-patient product spend. Whether you're a large, urban hospital or a rural, Critical Access Hospital, we have solutions for Taking Cost Out of Healthcare®

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Control, aggregate and save. Make non-patient spend easy.

Non-patient product spend is reactive, fragmented and difficult to control.

Find non-patient products with GPO compliance. Put our robust assortment and data-driven supply chain to the test, and see how we can deliver value for your organization.

We’ll optimize your non-patient spend, so you can focus on everything else.

Contract with all major GPOs

One point of contact for your entire purchase

Consolidated purchase orders

Customizable eCommerce experiences

Capital Equipment & Facility Projects:
Unlock cost savings & enhance operational efficiency

Take full charge of your non-patient procurement process with Direct Supply. As an extension of your team, we’ll eliminate purchasing headaches to help save time and money.

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Pre-Order Expertise

Find non-patient products you need on contract backed by non-patient product expertise.

Delivery and Installation

Order Management

One point of contact will aid in pricing renegotiations and provide ordering information.

Behavioral Health Waiting Room

Lifetime Support

100% satisfaction guaranteed, including parts and service support.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery & Installation

Our experts will ensure everything is delivered, installed properly and on a timetable that best meets the needs of your organization.

See what your peers are saying.

“I like Direct Supply because of the friendly and helpful staff, quality of the product and knowing you will have your order in a timely manner.”

Jennifer H.
Central Supply Manager, Hy-Lond Health Care

“Direct Supply always gives the best customer service and they’re the best at getting what our company needs. We choose Direct Supply over all others!”

Tyann D.
Central Supply Manager, Specialty Center of Pensacola

“Everyone I have had contact with at Direct Supply has been courteous and professional. They will go the extra mile to assist with whatever I am needing to purchase. The quality of the products is second to none. I plan on doing business with them for a long time.”

Robbie B.
Director of Nursing, RHA West Tennessee

“I could ramble on about why I purchase from Direct Supply, but in a nutshell it’s outstanding customer service, the cornerstone of Direct Supply’s continuing success.”

Mike J.
Central Supply, WRC McKinley Health Center

“I have been using Direct Supply with our facility since 2009. I am very impressed with every order I send to them. The orders I place are sent to us in a timely manner. I am happy with the equipment we get from Direct Supply. Thank you!”

Kim L.
Central Supply, Trinity Mission Health & Rehab of Granbury

Excellent customer service, products arrive before or right on time. Thank you!”

Genny H.
Food Service Manager, Sandy Ridge Health and Rehab

“Our facility appreciates Direct Supply and the working relationship that we have. It is great to be able to get personal service when ordering supplies that we need at our facility.”

Theresa W.
Administrator, Naomi Heights Nursing and Rehab Center

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