Direct Supply Event


Participation in your Direct Supply event and access to Direct Supply’s confidential information is subject to your acceptance of and compliance with these Confidentiality, Release & Other Expectations:


We want you to have a welcoming and safe experience while at Direct Supply, Inc. As part of your visit, you may encounter certain confidential information, or provide input and feedback on items related to our business. We ask that you follow our expectations below and that you provide a release of certain claims related to your visit here at Direct Supply.


In exchange for allowing you to attend our event, we ask and require the following of you:

  • Visitors to our campus must be signed in, wear a visitor badge and be accompanied when walking through buildings. When walking into a building, please be quiet and respectful. Please keep phones on silent or vibrate and remember that no photos are permitted during the event or of our campus.
  • You may not take any documents, files, copies or other property with you when you leave our campus and/or the event, except for materials provided to you by your Direct Supply host. Please do not touch or attempt to use or access any computer files or any computers, phones or other equipment on our campus unless permitted by an authorized Direct Supply representative.
  • Note: Some equipment can be dangerous and injure you or others when used inappropriately by individuals who are not trained on that equipment.
  • We may ask you to leave and you agree to immediately and professionally do so if you fail to meet the above expectations or should we otherwise request.
  • We may provide you with meals or other similar courtesies during your event. They are not intended to be and are not a payment or offer of any remuneration that is intended to induce the purchasing or ordering or recommendation to purchase or order any item or service that may be reimbursed, in whole or in part, under a federal health care program, such as Medicare or Medicaid. Please only accept them to the extent permitted by your employer’s policies and applicable laws.


By signing below, you agree as follows:

  • Confidential information includes nonpublic information, such as medical records, personal information, financial information like costs and pricing, and other information you wouldn’t otherwise find on our websites or marketing and recruiting materials. Confidential information also includes new product, service, or technology that we may be developing that isn’t yet publically available. Information is not confidential if you can show us you already knew that information prior to signing this document or if this information is already known to the public through no fault of your own.
  • You agree to keep confidential and not share with others or use any of our confidential information for 5 years after it is disclosed to you, and you agree to always keep our trade secrets confidential to the fullest extent allowed by law.
  • By signing below, you also agree, among other things, that if you share with us any ideas during the event (like possible inventions or improvements to existing products, services or technology) then we may use those ideas in our business. This means you assign all rights and interest you may have to such ideas.
  • Note that our software, trademarks, patents, inventions and other intellectual property are our property or belong to persons that license them to us. We don’t transfer to you or give you any right, license or other interest to our property.
  • This document is not a lease, license, employment offer or contract, or contractual obligation of any kind, except with respect to our confidential information and intellectual property as expressly described above.


You, on your behalf and behalf of your employer, your insurers, representatives, successors and assigns, hereby release, waive and forever discharge Direct Supply, Inc., its affiliates, contractors, subcontractors, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, agents, attorneys, insurers, representatives, successors and assigns (“DSI Released Parties”), from any and all claims, liens, demands, obligations, losses, causes of action, costs, expenses, attorneys’ fees and liabilities of any nature whatsoever, whether based on contract, tort, statutory or other legal or equitable theory of recovery, whether known or unknown, which you have or claim to have against any or all of the DSI Released Parties for bodily injury, property damage or any other claim or liability (“Released Claims”) except to the extent caused by a DSI Released Party’s intentional misconduct, fraud or gross negligence. To the extent permitted by law, you attend our event at your own risk. You covenant and agree that you will not, at any time hereafter, either directly or indirectly, initiate, assign, maintain or prosecute, or in any way knowingly aid or assist in the initiation, maintenance or prosecution of any claim, demand or cause of action at law or otherwise, against the DSI Released Parties, or any of them, for damages, loss or injury of any kind arising from, related to, or in any way connected to the Released Claims except to the extent caused by a DSI Released Party’s intentional misconduct, fraud or gross negligence.

You agree that by registering for and/or attending the Direct Supply event, you agree to be bound by the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of these Confidentiality, Release & Other Expectations. If you do not agree to these Confidentiality, Release & Other Expectations, you should not register for or attend the Direct Supply event.


The meeting will be recorded for internal use purposes. Should you object to being recorded, you should not join the meeting.