Maximize Your $15,000 Pennsylvania Indoor Air Quality Grant Now

Don’t delay! Limited funding is available within the Pennsylvania budget for Long Term Care facilities to aid in the prevention of COVID-19 and other diseases. This program provides grants for purchases aimed at helping to limit the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne disease, such as ionization technology, certain HVAC improvements, filtration, air filters, and more! $15,000 is available per building on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Use our IAQ Estimate Tool

Our state-specific IAQ Estimate Tool can help you determine which products are best for your building, to help you maximize the $15,000 in funding. Start your easy and free estimate here, or contact your account manager at 800-634-7328.

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Update November 1st, 2021 – The due date for solicitations has passed and new solicitation requests are not likely to be accepted unless additional funds are made available. Contact your account manager with questions.

Whole Building Air Quality Improvement

For a comprehensive and longest-lasting indoor air quality solution, Direct Supply recommends Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI™) technology. This new air-cleaning device:

  • Retrofits to existing HVAC systems and PTAC units
  • Reduces certain viruses, bacteria, and odors in areas treated by your HVAC system.
  • Is easy to install and has the potential to lower energy costs

Or call 800-634-7328 to get started.

How do I work with Direct Supply on this?

This year alone, we installed NPBI technology in over 1,500 Senior Living facilities. The process is simple:

Fill out NPBI Worksheet

Receive and review quote

Submit grant application

Application approved

Schedule installation

Each facility is limited to one grant application. Don’t forget to consider additional products beyond NPBI technology before submitting.

Portable Air Purifiers

Supplement your safety measures in small spaces like resident rooms. We carry a full lineup of portable air purifiers supported by onboard HEPA filtration.


Upgrading the air filters in your HVAC system can greatly improve air quality and increase cost savings. Find a wide variety of options including MERV 13 and HEPA filters.

Funds are first-come, first-served. Act now!

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