New Regulation Alert! Louisiana Act #253: Emergency Alternative Electrical Power Source

In response to Hurricane Ida, the Louisiana legislature has enacted new regulations potentially increasing requirements and coverage for emergency electrical power backup or alternative energy sources for nursing facilities within the state. Act #253 specifies that most nursing homes must have an approved alternative electrical power source (i.e. generator) on-site to provide sufficient power for a number of the building’s critical systems for a minimum of 48 hours post power loss. Additionally, impacted facilities need fuel delivery agreements in place that extend continuous operation under full load for a total period of 168 hours in a single emergency event.
In order to comply, most regulated facilities will need to support the following services or systems with emergency power:

  1. Life safety systems.
  2. Lighting in patient care areas.
  3. Medical equipment in patient care areas.
  4. Electrical components of the approved potable water system.
  5. Electrical components of the approved sewer systems.
  6. Operation of the medication dispensing and medication refrigeration systems.
  7. Operation of the nursing facility’s dietary services and related refrigeration.
  8. Operation of the nursing facility’s laundry services.
  9. HVAC systems or portions of systems required to maintain safe indoor temperatures must be powered at a minimum 50% of the air conditioning systems and heating systems.

Facilities which were built or had construction plans approved on or after August 1, 2022 have more stringent requirements.

This change went into effect June, 2022. Nursing homes in Louisiana must be compliant no later than June 30th, 2023. The engineering required to specify an appropriate generator, traditional project timelines and generator availability may cause timing to be tight. A one-time extension of six months may be granted only if the facility provides sufficient evidence of substantial compliance or good faith efforts to comply with the required deadline. Don’t delay, Act NOW!

Not sure where to begin?

Let the team of experts at TELS(R) Building Services guide you through the process. Start by coordinating the following documents required to specify & quote:

  1. Existing Utility Bills
  2. Existing Drawings
  3. Load Bank Testing

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Nursing facilities must meet these requirements no later than June 30, 2023.

The materials, comments and other information offered here are intended to provide general information and may not apply to all facilities. You are responsible for determining regulatory compliance for your particular facility. More information is available here: Act 253.

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