Maximize Up To $100,000 in Reimbursement Available to Georgia Assisted Living & Personal Care Homes!

Act now! Funding is available for a limited time to Assisted Living or Personal Care Homes in Georgia with 25 or more beds licensed by the Department of Community Health for ongoing COVID-19 Prevention and Mitigation. This grant program is made available through the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds provided in the ARPA legislation and will allow reimbursements for costs incurred beginning on March 3, 2021 and ending December 1, 2022.

This funding is intended to provide relief for costs associated with Section 4.0 (testing) or Section 6.0 (re-opening) of Georgia’s Department of Health Executive Order, updated October 6, 2021. Examples of eligible expenses may include testing supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), support for isolation or quarantine and ventilation improvements.

Don’t delay! Before you can be awarded reimbursement there are several steps to getting set up with the state of Georgia, including completing and signing a Terms & Conditions document.  See below or visit for more information on the Awardee Check List.

Have questions? Contact your dedicated account manager to review eligibility, funding categories or to get started on your project today!

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How do I work with Direct Supply on this?

First, register with Georgia to apply for reimbursement:

Second, complete eligible purchases or projects:

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Complete purchases or approve projects

Schedule installation

Gather invoices and proof of payment, then request reimbursement

Whole Building Air Quality Improvement

For a comprehensive and long-lasting indoor air quality solution, Direct Supply recommends Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI™) technology. This new air-cleaning device:

  • Retrofits to existing HVAC systems and PTAC units
  • Inactivates germs and microorganisms in the air before they can be re-circulated through the building, including COVID-19
  • Is easy to install and has the potential to lower energy costs

This year alone, we installed NPBI technology in over 1,500 Senior Living facilities.

Or call 800-634-7328 to get started.

Personal Protection Equipment

Help protect staff and residents from infectious disease with PPE designed to limit transmission risks.

HVAC & Indoor Air Quality

Upgrade your HVAC system to help reduce pathogens, control odors and clean your air with a portfolio of products and services.

Successful Projects Start with TELS

From common to complex, our building management experts are ready to help get your next project successfully done. With more than 7,500 projects completed annually across the country, there is nothing our team can’t handle. 

Whether your community faces deferred capital or was forced into ongoing repairs due to COVID-19, you can trust the details to TELS. Experts are standing by to help with specification, replacement or installation around the following project categories:

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Make-Up Air Units
  • Rooftop Units
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
  • Split Systems
  • And Much More

Funds are first-come, first-served. Act Now!

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