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Discover your single source for developing cohesive and integrated technology solutions designed specifically for your community. We’re dedicated to Senior Living and can help you navigate the multifaceted complexities of technology selection, planning, implementation and lifecycle management.

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Resident Monitoring

Resident Monitoring

Trust our expertise to recommend one of our wide ranges of nurse call solutions, from traditional pull cords to wireless pendants, to promote secure spaces for residents and deliver quality of care.

Wander Management

Wander Management

Enjoy a consultative approach in helping you select an effective solution that allows your residents – especially those prone to wander from Alzheimer’s disease – to move safely within a community while helping minimize the risk of elopement.

Community Connect

Community Connect

Tech-savvy solutions that connect your entire community are now becoming expected amenities. We offer a wide variety of appealing TV, tablet and smartphone solutions that help foster resident independence and social engagement

Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Effectively monitor your community and increase building safety for your residents with our complete video security and access solutions. You’ll not only mitigate risk but also enhance your community’s marketability.

Resident and Facility Monitoring for Every Space in Your Community

Technology Solutions can seamlessly incorporate numerous products and systems throughout your community that help improve outcomes and gain efficiencies.

Resident and Facility Monitoring

A. Nurse Call

  • Wireless & Wired Pull Cords & Call Cords
  • Wireless Mobile Pendants
  • Staff Emergency Pendants
  • Pillow Speakers
  • LED Dome Lights & Decorative Sconces
  • Motion Sensors
  • Fall, Chair & Incontinence Pads
  • Touchscreen Consoles
  • Audio & Visual Annunciator Panels

B. Community Connect

  • In-House TV
  • Resident Connect (Internal & External)
  • Resident Apps
  • Digital Signage

C. Wander Management

  • Delayed Egress Locks & Door Timers
  • Resident Transmitter Options
  • Door & Window Contacts
  • 24/7 Emergency Alerts
  • Waterproof Transmitters
  • Nurse Call Integration
  • RTLS & Resident Identification
  • Annunciator Panels
  • Elevator Monitoring
  • Key Pads, Card Readers & Tags

D. Alerting & Reporting

  • Smartphone Apps
  • Phones, Pagers & Radios
  • Computer Integration
  • Tablet Integration
  • Nurse Consoles

E. Security Solutions

  • Web-Based Video Security Cameras
  • Indoor & Outdoor Cameras
  • Release Stations
  • Computer Viewing Stations
  • Card Readers & Key Pads
  • Intercoms
  • Elevator Options
  • Movement Control

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