The Huddle

Wednesday, September 22 3:00 PM CT


Gaurie Rodman
Director of Development Services
Direct Supply Aptura 

Gaurie Rodman is the Director of Development Services at Direct Supply Aptura, an innovative firm that supports Senior Living renovation, construction and new development projects from start to finish. In this role, Gaurie has developed a comprehensive development services offering that saw triple-digit growth in its first year. She also leads a cross-functional team that continually innovates and delivers Aptura’s strategic planning, development management and design-build services to the client base, including market assessments and studies, development consulting, and branding. Gaurie approaches Senior Living real estate development using her background of planning and architecture, which provides a unique perspective on delivering successful building projects. Prior to joining Direct Supply, Gaurie served as Vice President of Design and Construction at Irgens Development Partners, Assistant Professor at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and Co-Owner of Coach House Development Partners. Now at Direct Supply Aptura, Gaurie’s vision is to create Senior Living communities that function extraordinarily, are fiscally sound and allow caregivers to meet resident needs in a timely, respectful and caring manner.

Marisa Vancos
Director, Customer Success
Direct Supply DSSI

Marisa Vancos, Director of Customer Success, is a 19-year veteran of Direct Supply. In her role, Marisa focuses on the DSSI eProcurement platform, working with customers – both providers and suppliers – to help them get the most out of DSSI. Prior to her role in Customer Success, Marisa led marketing and training for DSSI and worked in corporate marketing at Direct Supply in the years before that. She is passionate about helping customers make a positive impact on the seniors in their care. Marisa holds an undergraduate degree from Marquette University in Communication Studies and Advertising/PR, and graduated with her executive MBA, also from Marquette, in 2017.