Introducing the Revolutionary Attendant® Prodigy Bladder Scanner

Simpler. Faster. Smarter.

Introducing the Revolutionary Attendant® Prodigy Bladder Scanner

Simpler. Faster. Smarter.

Advanced Features Help You Streamline Workflow and Provide Maximum ROI

Automatic Bladder Detection

The Prodigy Bladder Scanner’s self-aiming ability automatically detects and measures bladder without user manipulation. Every other scanner on the market today requires the user to manually aim the probe and none are self-aiming. Simply place in area of the bladder and scan!

Competitor’s illumination

Prodigy Bladder Scanner illumination

Automatic Gender/Patient Mode

No setup required because the Prodigy Bladder Scanner auto-detects key patient information. Other scanners require the user to enter resident information such as male or female, adult or pediatric, female with or without uterus, etc.

Wireless Probe Technology

Other bladder scanner cords yank, stretch, bend or snap. The Prodigy Bladder Scanner’s wireless probe is completely independent of the base station for easier disinfecting. Users can also leave the console outside the resident’s room and only take the probe into the room for scanning, making it less susceptible to cross-contamination.

  • No connectors that are prone to mechanical failure
  • Bluetooth connectivity – you never need to touch the console
  • Probe is ready when you are (no “on/off” button)
  • Rugged construction protects main internal components from shock and vibration
  • Medical-grade polymer probe handle is extremely impact- and chemical-resistant

Motion Immunity

Most competing scanners use a single transducer to measure the bladder, meaning the user has to either hold the probe very still or manually scan the bladder. With eight transducers in the Prodigy Bladder Scanner, the user does not need to hold the probe in a perfect position to get an accurate reading.

Automated Internal Diagnostics

Other scanners typically require annual calibration or periodic system testing to ensure proper operation and prevent erroneous scans, which can be costly and lead to lost production. The Prodigy Bladder Scanner saves you both time and money by performing a series of self-tests and adjustments every time you use it.

36-Month Warranty

The Prodigy Bladder Scanner comes with a standard 36-month limited warranty on the console and probe (including accidental probe drops).

Intuitive Interface

Enjoy clean and simple data displays with the largest and most accurate reading always displayed on the left. Crosshair confirmation of accurate reading is displayed on the right.

Innovative LiFePO4 Battery

Long-lasting LiFePO4 battery, integrated into the console, powers the bladder scanner and charges the probe while docked. LiFePO4 battery technology is lower voltage than common Lithium-ion and is highly resistant to stress and breakdown from overcharging.

Clinical Research & Feedback

A recent study* found the technology in the new Prodigy Bladder Scanner outperformed the leading national brand in so many ways.

due to improved accuracy and ease of use in addition to clinical benefits

Innovative technological features preferred compared to other models

More than half of caregivers prefer a device that eliminates the need to aim

prefer a wireless probe – the Prodigy Bladder Scanner can communicate more than 30 feet from the display

*Solano, Theresa. (2016) The Colorado Health Foundation funded grant. Prime Health pilot study.

See the Prodigy Blanner Scanner in action!

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