Maximize your $3,000 Physical Partition Funding

To help facilitate safe in-person visitation, the CMS has authorized Nursing facilities to receive up to $3,000 to purchase clear partitions, such as Plexiglas dividers, for their buildings. Facilities must apply through their State CMP (Civil Monetary Penalty) department, and Direct Supply can help.

Not sure where to begin?

Find protective barriers below, or contact your account manager at 800-634-7328. We’re ready to help you identify solutions for your building and answer your questions with the assistance of our on-staff regulatory manager.

Get creative with protective barriers in your community

There are many great reasons to utilize dividers or barriers, but none better than the establishment of dedicated visitation spaces, both indoors and out. These devices are key interventions to support social distancing and create safer environments.  

Floor Standing Partitions
These partition options can be used for visitation in common areas or dining rooms as dividers between tables. They are great for wheelchair access and can be placed alongside seating like couches or recliners. 

Counter/Desk Partitions
These partitions work well in reception and nursing stations to protect staff, residents and guests. Also consider using them in conference rooms or dining areas to separate individuals at a table. 

Hanging Partitions
These partitions are designed to hang from the ceiling to conserve valuable space and can be used in many areas throughout your facility. They can also free floor space, allowing for more room at the table and less of a tripping hazard on the floor.

How do I work with Direct Supply on this?

The process is as follows:

Build a Quote for up to $3k

Apply for funding through State CMP Office

Place your order

Submit receipts

Receive funding

Partitions & Barriers

Improve the comfort and safety of all that enter your building by utilizing separation barriers and partitions. 

Funds are first-come, first-served. Act now!

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