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When a behavioral health facility needed a vendor to act quickly amidst industry-wide supply chain challenges and shortages, they relied on Direct Supply.

Behavioral Health Hallway

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The behavioral health facility’s Plant Operations Director needed to act fast to order seven crash carts and seven suction machines that met their clinical demands, while preparing appropriate documentation to prove the purchase to JCAHO in a short amount of time.

Emergency Medical Treatment Cart

“Our facility needed specific equipment and documentation to meet the Joint Commission Survey requirements. We needed someone responsive who could meet the needs of our Behavioral Health Facility. Direct Supply stepped up to the plate and provided us with prompt service and support.”

Plant Operations Director, Behavioral Health Facility

Fast PO placement and
real, personalized support

The facility’s Plant Operations Director contacted his partner Joe Schwane at Direct Supply who became a go-to resource. Joe quickly coordinated a call with the Plant Operations Director, as well as the facility’s Chief Nursing Officer, to get a PO placed ASAP. Even while moving quickly, Direct Supply was able to save the behavioral health facility time and money, and provide the peace of mind of talking to a real person every step of the way.

The facility passed their Joint Commission Survey and Direct Supply is now their trusted supplier for product and equipment selection – both online and over the phone. Easy access to talk by phone can be particularly helpful in an emergency to mobilize and respond quickly. In emergency product selection situations, efficient and reliable vendor management are critical.

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With nearly 40 years of experience sourcing the right products at the right price, Direct Supply is healthcare’s best-kept secret. With thousands of products and a supply chain specifically curated to address your diverse needs, we’re the solution you’ve been searching for.

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