There are a variety of new resident monitoring Senior Living technologies that help boost marketability and streamline operations through better information, mobile apps and other advanced features. But what about technology that provides security for residents living in Senior Living communities?

Consider this scenario:

A visitor enters your community and approaches the reception desk to sign in, but finds the receptionist has stepped away for lunch and a nearby staff member is busy assisting another guest. The visitor bypasses the front desk and follows signs to the Assisted Living wing. The door to the wing is locked, but someone seated nearby informs the visitor that since it’s January, the code to the keypad is 012020.

After the visitor enters the wing, they see a staff member fumbling with keys to get into the maintenance closet, unsure of which key will let them in. As the visitor approaches their loved one’s room, they also notice a door that leads to the parking lot is propped open with a box.

Notice any gaps in the community’s security systems?

All good building security measures start by having a well-designed and well-communicated plan that’s followed every day. Whether it’s simple door opening policies or planning for more serious events, such as fire alarms, inclement weather, elopement or active shooter situations, it’s important to prepare your staff to help keep your community secure.

Fortunately, modern security technology can help prevent security situations from occurring or assist if they do arise.

Here’s how new technology could have helped prevent the security issues in the scenario above:

Main Entry

Control the flow of visitors during evening hours with an electronic access control badge or fob entry system. Authorized visitors can get a temporary or permanent credential (badge or fob) to access the building, dependent on the times you set. Some systems even allow for digital keypads, fingerprint readers or facial recognition software that acts as the key to enter a doorway.

When a member of your team needs to let guests in, new intercom systems connect the visitor to a staff member’s mobile device, which allows your staff to see the visitor and remotely grant access. Rights and permissions associated with the credential or user can be changed remotely at any time.

Reception Desk

Move the paper sign-in book to the digital age with a kiosk that allows guests to digitally sign in and print a visitor badge. Training all staff members to look for the printed visitor badges can help keep your community more secure. Some systems can even complete background checks on the visitors for advanced security measures.

Interior Doors

Keypads are an important part of security technology, but care is needed to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Friendly gestures can lead to unwanted door access, like in our scenario. For higher security areas, consider requiring both a credential and key code to access a door. Or replace the keypad with an RFID reader for a badge or fob, eliminating the need for a code altogether. 

Staff Doors

The same system used to secure the entryway and interior doors can also be added to back-of-house spaces to simplify access. These systems make it easy to remotely view who is accessing doors and change permissions at any time. For doors where you can’t run wires, digital door-locking systems, like wireless hotel-style locks, can help secure these areas.

Exit Doors

New systems allow you to receive “door propped” or “door forced open” alerts in real time so you can help prevent elopement situations and control who is entering the building. Combined with a credentialing system or a wander management system, these alerts can help keep you informed about what’s happening at every door so staff can respond appropriately.

Hallway Monitoring

Get a view of all activity with a video surveillance system. From simple imaging to advanced facial and fall recognition analytics, see what’s going on in real time from any connected device. With networked video recorders (NVRs), you can even see and search for events that happened in the past. Or consider combining a video system with an electronic access control system to provide video verification of credential use. There are hundreds of camera options available for every remote viewing need: indoors, outdoors, vandal resistant, weatherproof, license plate recognition and more.

Digital sign-in systems, electronic access control, digital door locking and video surveillance solutions can all provide exceptional door security and help bolster your security plan while ultimately creating a safer environment for your staff, residents and visitors. Direct Supply offers a variety of technology solutions that can help you keep your community secure. Learn more about the latest Senior Living technology or contact us today for a free consultation.

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