Technology can help you meet your Senior Living goals

Making the right foundational technology decisions can help you improve operations and provide the best resident care – now and in the future. Our experts have compiled curated lists of technology systems to be used in Senior Living design that achieve a variety of goals. No matter your focus, we have you covered. We have technology solutions to help you: 

  1. Attract New Residents

  2. Increase Labor Savings

  3. Improve Safety for Residents and Staff

  4. Elevate Resident Engagement

  5. Improve Building Health

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James Jansen, Direct Supply

James Jansen

Senior Product Manager, Technology Solutions

“With severe nursing staff shortages, many Senior Living providers are looking for ways to increase caregiver efficiency by strategically incorporating technology solutions to help relieve the pressure on direct care employees. Technology can help a senior housing offering increase labor savings, maximize safety, improve overall building health and much more.”

solutions for senior living with technology

How can technology help you achieve your goals?

Direct Supply’s technology experts deliver innovative solutions that will give you the flexibility you need to serve your community well into the future. We can help you with:

• Assessing your current tech systems and integration opportunities
• Building a technology roadmap for the future
• Prioritizing investments for your budget
• Selecting the right technology systems
• Designing floor plans and layouts for system implementation
• Connecting you with our nationwide network of certified technicians for local installation
• Floor plans with system layouts
• System implementation plus ongoing support

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