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Your partner in driving national policy improvements for the Senior Living industry.

Direct Supply is your partner in serving more than three million of America’s seniors. Unfortunately these three million seniors have little or no voice in how the government pays for their care or the rules and regulations that govern how they are cared for – a mantle we at Direct Supply took up in 1998. Direct Supply has raised more than $50 million for various organizations to advocate in Washington, D.C., securing funding for Senior Healthcare and participating in the political process on your behalf.

Ultimately, the success of Senior Care is our only business, and we are thrilled to be at your service. Our investment is substantial and thanks to the voluntary contributions of so many of our Direct Supply Partners to our political action committee, we have become a strong agent for change in Washington, D.C. and a trusted industry voice.

We are proud of our involvement in the political process and our ever-strengthening relationships with public officials who develop and implement public policies that positively impact our customers. Direct Supply’s efforts ensure your organization has the resources it needs to continue caring for America’s seniors.

Bob Hillis
Founder and President, Direct Supply, Inc.
Treasurer, Direct Supply, Inc. Partners PAC
President, Direct Supply Senior Living Advocacy, Inc.

No other supplier advocates for Senior Living like Direct Supply

The Direct Supply Partners PAC is made up of Direct Supply employees, who voluntarily contribute 1% of their paychecks to support our industry advocacy efforts. 

A whopping 33% of Direct Supply’s employees support our PAC. That’s more than double the national average participation among corporate PACs. 

Our PAC has raised more than $3.7M since its inception in 2005 and has supported candidates on both sides of the aisle who are willing to work to protect the well-being of seniors and the healthcare professionals who care for them.

Founded in 2017, the Direct Supply Senior Living Advocacy organization further enhances our industry advocacy efforts. Many of our top suppliers contribute to our new organization, which in turn is able to support game-changing research and engage top-talent to help advance smarter public policy.

The generous support pledged to the Direct Supply Senior Living Advocacy organization by many of our top suppliers further extends and elevates our advocacy effort to bring positive support to the senior care industry.

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Personal stories make an enormous impact on our advocacy efforts. Tell Our Stories is a connected community where care providers can shine a bright light on the magic that happens every day in Senior Care.

Through the Tell Our Stories platform, we’ve put these honest, moving stories in front of lawmakers, where they have directly impacted financial support and smart policy decisions for Senior Care.

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“We cannot as an industry spend enough time telling our own story in Washington. I think the service that Direct Supply, Bob, Genevieve and the whole team provide on Capitol Hill is invaluable to us. In addition to that, the relationship knowledge and thought that we get in knowing what Washington is thinking and saying at any given time and being able to count on them to carry a message back again is invaluable to us as an industry.”
Chris Murphy

Chief Operating Officer, Regency Integrated Health Services