Direct Supply is Your Partner in Foodservice Spend Optimization

Trusted by More than 400 Foodservice Organizations

Over 400 foodservice organizations rely on our technology daily to manage more than $3 billion in transactions annually. Our solutions empower you to seamlessly manage operations, delivering growth, efficiency, and reliability.

Patented, AI-Powered Spend Optimization Platforms

Our patented, AI-powered technology is more than a tool—it's your strategic procurement and spend optimization partner. Transform complex data into actionable insights that drive cost efficiency and operational agility.

We understand every dollar saved and every second optimized counts.

Increase Efficiency

Spend 27% less time ordering and focus on improving customer satisfaction and service quality. Our AI-driven procure-to-pay solution streamlines procurement, analytics, reporting, and more.

Reduce Costs

Our AI-powered procurement solutions drive an average annual savings of 10%, identifying saving opportunities and streamlining purchasing. These savings empower you to strategically reinvest to enhance value across your organization.

Drive Contract Compliance and Savings

Achieve 95% contract compliance to maximize efficiency and savings, directly contributing to your ability to enhance customer experience.

Instant Crossovers

Complete crossovers within hours, not days, using our AI-driven platform that effortlessly matches equivalent products across suppliers.

Track Purchased Services

Effortlessly track purchased services, ensuring complete data visualization, benchmarking, and impact analysis. Make decisions that enhance customer outcomes and operational efficiency.

Innovative Technology Solutions

At Direct Supply, we offer a range of cutting-edge solutions designed to optimize various aspects of your enterprise operations. From spend management to order guide compliance, our technology solutions are tailored to meet your unique business needs and drive growth. Discover how our solutions can transform your business.

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Enterprise Spend Optimization

Streamline your procurement processes and drive cost savings with our comprehensive enterprise spend optimization solutions.

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DSSI Procure-to-Pay

Optimize your entire procure-to-pay cycle seamlessly with DSSI Procure-to-Pay. Enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with advanced AP automation, inventory management, and supply chain management features.

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Order Guide Compliance (OGM 3)

Optimize your order guides and ensure compliance with OGM 3. Transform your procurement process with real-time visibility, product compliance management, and optimized order guides.

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Analytics (DSSI Analyze™)

Gain instant insights into your spending patterns and identify savings opportunities with DSSI Analyze™. Track your spend, optimize contracts, and drive strategic initiatives with comprehensive analytics.

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Market Basket Analysis

Unlock operational efficiencies and save money with our market basket analysis and SKU order management solutions. Leverage AI to identify savings opportunities and optimize your inventory management effortlessly.

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