Optimize Procurement with Data Visualization and Impact Analysis

Optimize your procurement processes with advanced spend management software featuring comprehensive data visualization, benchmarking, and impact analysis.

Rediscover your Data with DSSI Analyze™

Efficient procurement is crucial for any organization. DSSI Analyze™ is a spend-management software solution designed for organizations and professionals that follows every dollar of your purchasing so you can optimize the value of your supplier relationships.

Easy Integration

We simply link your AP feed for Immediate access to actionable data.

Standalone Solution

Available to any organization as a monthly subscription.

Eliminate Surprises

Track against vendor guarantees to ensure you stay on top of your spend.

Benefits of DSSI Analyze™

Comprehensive Visualization

Monitor your purchasing and expenses with precision metrics to gain a holistic view of your procurement data.

  • Identify patterns in your procurement lifecycle from a high-level perspective.
  • Discover trends to unlock operational efficiencies and enhance your sourcing process.

Drill Down on Your Spend

Get detailed insights into different spending categories to optimize your contracts.

  • Focus on specific areas of improvement with comparisons to industry benchmarks.
  • Develop actionable savings plans based on real-time spend data across all locations.

Track Your Metrics

Achieve detailed visibility into spend at various levels.

  • Use a customized analytics dashboard to explore different spend categories.
  • Assign metrics to individuals to track performance over time and ensure accountability.

    Unlock Operational Efficiencies.

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