Affordable options for your most-needed products

Getting the everyday products your community needs shouldn’t be a burden on your budget. From bedside mats and gait belts to wastebaskets and overbed tables, Direct Choice products offer competitive prices on essential items.

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Healthcare Equipment

From easy-to-clean bathing equipment and products that keep your residents mobile to transporting necessities and resident room must-haves, trust Direct Choice products for the items you need to provide care day in and day out.

  • Mobility & Walkers
  • Gait Belts
  • Overbed Tables
  • IV Stands
  • PVC Shower Chairs
  • PVC Shower Gurneys

Environmental Services

Keep your community clean with housekeeping supplies and safe with wastebaskets that contain flames. Direct Choice products even help you do laundry faster with smooth-rolling PVC laundry hampers and distribution carts.

  • UL Listed & Step-On Waste Receptacles
  • Housekeeping Supplies
  • PVC Linen Carts & Hampers
  • PVC Distribution Carts

Foodservice Products

Making sure that residents stay nourished is a challenge in every Senior Living community. Direct Choice equipment such as plate warmers, hydration carts and metal delivery carts help you deliver hot, appetizing meals and keep residents hydrated.

  • Plate Warmer
  • Metal Delivery Carts
  • PVC Hydration Carts