Designed to help caregivers monitor resident well-being

Created to help identify health concerns before they escalate, Attendant products are known for reliability and superior accuracy. They provide your staff with friendly features and a smart, functional design.

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Assessment & Treatment

Offering the clinical reliability you need to help you provide superior resident care.

Vital Signs Monitor

Vital Signs Monitors

Your best choice for precise monitoring. Attendant Vital Signs Monitors feature industry-recognized measurements for NIBP, SpO2 and temperature at an affordable price.

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Bladder Scanner

Bladder Scanners

Strengthen your incontinence care and help increase F-Tag 315 compliance. Attendant Bladder Scanners are noninvasive to protect resident dignity and help prevent UTIs.

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Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeters

Accurate, reliable and the best value around. Attendant Handheld, Fingertip and Sock-Style Pulse Oximeters are fast, consistent and economical, with everyday low pricing.

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Take accurate temperatures in just one second. Attendant Tympanic Thermometers are fast, accurate, easy to read and most importantly, they’re comfortable for your residents.



Make weighing your resident fast and easy. Attendant Wheelchair and Digital Chair Scales boast durability and reliability that’s backed by industry-leading 3-year warranties.


Superior construction for quality care, all at affordable prices.



Optimal tracheal care for easier breathing. Attendant Aspirators are heavy duty to deliver a vacuum pressure of 22” Hg. The antibacterial filter helps prevent contamination.



Aerosol medication therapy is easier than ever. Attendant Compressor Nebulizers have a powerful piston pump that’s efficient and quiet, making treatments easy to dispense.

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Resident Monitoring

Trust these alarms as part of your complete community fall management program to protect residents.

The ultimate in adaptable alarms. Attendant alarms and alerts boast impressive versatility to meet your resident needs through a variety of applications, including chair pads, bed pads, floor mats and seat belts. Plus, our wireless, voice and silent alarm options prevent tangling and tripping, and limit disturbing noises to keep residents at ease.