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Instant Product Comparison & Matching

Revolutionalize your market basket crossovers.

Analyzing market baskets doesn't have to be a chore.

Move Away from Manual Spreadsheets

Instant Automation at Scale

Unlock Teams to Do More

Gain a competitive advantage with Generative AI.


Simply upload your purchase history and catalogs to receive equivalent pack & size options.


Tailor your results by modifying reles to prefer pack size or manufacturer.


Deploy artificial intelligence to find same or similar products with automatic savings calculations.

teetor totter budget census

Simplify complexity and unlock profitability with buyer resources that transform data into dollars.

Market Basket Analysis

What if you could unlock buying patterns that reveal which products are often purchased together and at the most cost-advantageous? 

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SKU Management

What if every SKU in your inventory could tell you exactly when to reorder and what to bundle?

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Product Crossovers

What if you could effortlessly find product synergies?

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Ready to streamline your market basket crossovers?

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