Going Above and Beyond: Durable Furniture for Senior Living and Healthcare

Providing a comfortable space for residents or patients to relax is essential for fostering a sense of belonging and healing within any building. Design expectations are increasing, and with it, the need for a robust seating selection to match the comfort levels of different individuals. With this influx of new and heightened preferences, Maxwell Thomas® offers the next extension of our portfolio: BeyondWood™ Composite Chairs. 

Combining durability with comfort, BeyondWood™ Composite Chairs create a homelike feel without sacrificing the benefits of commercial-grade seating. Warm to the touch, this chair bridges the natural, inviting feel residents and patients expect with the durability needed for a high-use environment. BeyondWood™ from Maxwell Thomas® isn’t just meant for residents and patients; this chair creates efficiencies for caregivers and adds to the ambiance of any dining space or resident room, too. 

Benefits of Composite BeyondWood Dining Chairs

Durability through the decade. This will be the only chair you’ll have to buy for years to come. Our team of engineers stress-tested BeyondWood™ from Maxwell Thomas® and confirmed that Beyondwood™ meets all necessary standards. Steel-reinforced joints help ensure durability and longevity that goes beyond expectations. 

Staff can use cleaning chemicals like bleach. Our BeyondWood™ Composite Chairs from Maxwell Thomas® are made of non-porous material that withstands bleach and helps keep that just-bought feel.

Design to match your style. On-trend finishes and custom fabrics mean your dining rooms will always be dressed their best. Warm tones and smooth contours create a wood-like appearance that is comfortable and warm to the touch.

Sitting room

Durability through the decade: Furnish your communities to withstand the test of time

Transform your community with the beauty of BeyondWood dining chairs designed for effortless maintenance and timeless durability. Direct Supply’s BeyondWood™ Composite Chairs from Maxwell Thomas® are the Healthcare and Senior Living furnishings breakthrough you’ve been looking for.