Nurse call systems are an essential part of providing quality care, but they can cause headaches for you and your staff. From malfunctioning systems to out-of-business manufacturers to unplanned replacements, encountering problems with your nurse call system can put stress on your daily operations and throw off your budget.

While you can’t plan if or when your system will malfunction, it is helpful to have a proactive plan in place to avoid spending more on a replacement system than you need to. Fortunately, some of the biggest nurse call manufacturers have recently released new, cost-effective systems that can help Skilled Nursing providers offer excellent care while watching the bottom line.

Here’s a look at some of the newest systems on the market: 

RCare’s B-Cube

RCare’s newest addition to the Cube platform is the B-Cube, designed specifically for the 126-bed or less Skilled Nursing community. Using a wireless communication network and a server infrastructure that is 60% cheaper than other models, the B-Cube costs 20% – 30% less than hardwired nurse call systems. In addition to UL 1069 v.7 approval, this system includes advanced features, like reporting, mobile app notifications and wander management integration, all in the base model.

PalCare’s Integration to Engineered Electronics

For operators looking to enhance their existing hardwired nurse call offering, PalCare’s wireless nurse call solution adds reporting and mobile communications to existing hardwired systems at a very reasonable rate. If you need a new hardwired system, the Engineered Electronics DS 2000 system is one of the most cost-effective on the market and integrates seamlessly with the PalCare server. The DS 2000 system also carries the UL 1069 v.7 approval. Together, these solutions are great for Skilled Nursing and CCRC environments.

Jeron 570

Jeron has recently released its new 570 hardwired nurse call system for those looking for a cost-effective, UL 1069 v.7 approved wired solution. With costs nearly 30% cheaper than the Provider 680 flagship Skilled Nursing product, operators can take advantage of Jeron’s 5-year product warranty, backward compatibility (nothing goes obsolete) and brand recognition at a fraction of prior system costs. It includes reporting and a mobile app as well.

Because there are so many nurse call options, it can be difficult to know what’s right for your unique community. Contact the Senior Living experts at Direct Supply for a free consultation and help selecting the ideal nurse call system.