Supporting Our Community Through Passion & Dedication

Elder Emphasis

Our elders have built the community we live in today, and have passed it to our care so that we may continue to preserve and improve it for future generations. In our team effort to provide quality solutions to the Senior Living profession, we know that in the end, the seniors who receive that care are at the heart of our work. That’s why Direct Supply supports local Senior Living communities, and takes pride in our Partners’ big hearts and passion to help.

Community Caring

In an effort to support the community where we live and work, our team of Partners enjoys promoting worthy causes and taking advantage of opportunities to give back through active participation. A company is nothing without its people, and our Partners bring the passion they have for making a difference to Direct Supply and our community. Our involvement with dozens of community organizations is a direct result of our Partners’ dedication to various volunteer efforts.

Future Leaders

Knowledge is a basic ingredient in the recipe for success, and diversity is one of the most important factors in breeding innovative ideas. By donating time, sponsoring events, speaking to student classes and participating in mentoring and student assistance programs, our team is striving to spark the ideas of caring, hard work, creativity, innovation and success in Milwaukee’s future leaders. After all, these future leaders are the people who will determine how our community and our company operate in the future.