Furnishings that create a warm, inviting community

Every piece, every collection, every decision we make has a story with strategic intent deeply rooted in our drive to support life-enhancing Senior Living environments. That's why Maxwell Thomas offers high-style, feature-rich furniture. We call that Function by Design.

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Resident Room Furniture

Create relaxing spaces that provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere

Enjoy an extensive selection of resident room furnishings for maximum comfort and style. Choose from a variety of Maxwell Thomas collections for head and footboards, chests, wardrobes, dressers, hutches and mirrors. All are available in an assortment of styles, finishes and hardware choices to help your residents feel at home.

Direct Supply® Maxwell Thomas® Resident Room Furnishings

Dining Room Furniture

Elevate the dining experience through furniture with style and function

Mealtimes are one of the most important and anticipated parts of the day. Maxwell Thomas dining furniture not only offers appealing table and chair choices – we also offer furnishings that transform the dining experience for your residents. Consider options for banquet, restaurant, family-style, and specialty dining to give your residents the gift of choice.

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Common Area Furniture

Inspire lively conversation and make a positive first impression

Common areas can be places where your residents socialize or any spaces that are open to everyone in your community. Choose from distinct Maxwell Thomas accent pieces to inspire resident interaction in gathering areas, and make a positive first impression on potential residents and their families in hallways and lobby areas with fashionable signage, handrails and artwork.

Direct Supply® Maxwell Thomas® Common Room Furnishings

Recliners & Lounge Chairs

Create cozy spaces in all of your common areas with comfortable seating

Give your residents what they need to kick back and relax. Maxwell Thomas recliners and lounge chairs are designed to look residential, but constructed to stand up to the demands of your community. They feature varied options such as three-position reclining function, fully-attached back pillows, and a variety of designs and fabric choices to fit perfectly in any setting.


Proper lighting illuminates resident rooms for your residents’ aging eyes

Lighting is important in Senior Living communities, since the elderly can have a difficult time seeing in low-light environments. Maxwell Thomas overbed lights, sconces and vanity lights provide additional lighting in your resident rooms to help your residents eat and read in bed. Our stylish overbed light options also include nightlights to help residents find their way in the dark.